Cloud Servers

The best hardware. The best network. The best prices. The best support. Is there such a thing? Yes!'s Solaris based Cloud Servers are world class with near 100% up-time.

* Cloud Servers


Contacts on the Cloud - it's our address book service powered with LDAP. The most universally supported service.

Best of all, no software or extensions to install. It's also free!

* CloudFace: Cloud Contacts

Cloud DS

Distributed LDAP database hosted on the Cloud. Coming soon to an Internet backbone near you.

Interested in private beta? Please contact us.

CloudFace for iPhone

Secure. Universal. Mobile.
CloudFace, the most universal Contacts
for the iOS.

Get notified when it releases.

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Customer Spotlight

Imperial Toy

Imperial Toy is a maker of children's toys, including the popular KAOS Nemesis!