Where do you keep your Contacts? On the Phone? On the Computer? On Paper? Or perhaps, on the palm of your hand?

Introducing, CloudFace, the most universal Contacts application. Save Contacts to the Cloud, and access them from a near universal source of devices and software.

>> No software installation required
>> No SYNCing required
>> Contacts are accessible from ANY standard LDAP supported clients (e.g. Thunderbird or Outlook)
>> PDF backup


We know everyone likes free stuff - we do too! However, it takes money to keep the cloud running. If you like this service, please consider upgrading to the Premium plan. Too expensive? Let us know!

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Basic Premium† Just $9.99 per Year
Entries 500 per month Unlimited
Server Searches 400 per month Unlimited
Storage 5 MB use per month Unlimited
Support Forum Forum + Phone + Mail
Use Personal or Business Personal or Business


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† Usage is calculated on the 1st of each month.

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iPhone LDAP

CloudFace is also now on the iPhone and iPad.

CloudFace for the iPhone also works with all standard LDAP servers - you can use it at your work - for free!