Solaris based Cloud Servers for programmers, administrators, and us regular folks. Our Servers come with a full web optimized Web Stack. Plus the usual redundant storage and redundant network paths.

>> Run 32 & 64-bit on the same server
>> Near 100% Server up-time
>> Semi-managed, regular OS patching
>> The most advanced ZFS powered storage with on-board HBA batteries
>> Instant RAM/CPU upgrades, no reboot required!
>> FREE disk space†


Here's how it works. Purchase the resources required, below. Use these resources to create as many Unix servers (all with public routable IP addresses) as required at either of our US or EU data centers. See a snapshot of our portal to get a glimpse.

RAM: 300 MB

Bandwidth: 120 GB


per month


How do we compare with the competition? Our unique sliders allow you to purchase what you need, not what we want you to use. Premium servers for the fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Joyent SmartMachine Entic
1GB of RAM $125 $56
Backups Nope External Backups
ZFS Delegation Nope Yes
Open Source OS Nope Yes
Europe Data Center Nope Yes
Hardware Enterprise Enterprise
Target Customer Enterprise SMB

Questions? See our FAQ.

We also accept credit card payments through PayPal or personal checks made out to Entic Services. Please contact us for details.

† FREE disk space for general use.
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Solaris based Cloud Servers. Pick from US and Europe Data Center.