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Which VPS? Linux or OpenIndiana?

You should go with what you are comfortable with. But, since you are here, reading this, you must be curious about Solaris.

We've worked with Unix and Linux for the past couple of decades and we know their nuts and bolts. In the end, we found Solaris to be superior in reliability and performance. Solaris (OpenIndiana) is the re-invention from the older Linux. Built with powerful technologies like ZFS, we believe that when it comes to business critical needs,'s Solaris based Cloud servers beat the competition hands down.

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ZFS is the most advanced and reliable file system on the planet. Please allow us to explain.

Disks have cache on-board to help with speed. Most other operating systems and file systems will "tell" the application that a write is complete soon after the data is written to the disk cache (a temporary location, before it is written to the slower disk spindles). If the power were to fail at this point, the data is lost. Your business critical database thinks it wrote data to disk but in reality, it did not. This leads to corruption and bad data.

ZFS doesn't do this. ZFS ensures that all data is properly flushed to disk before proceeding. ZFS takes the safer and reliable approach to disk management. This is just one example of how ZFS and's Solaris based Cloud servers are superior to the rest of the market.

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Does this mean I will get 100% up-time?

Unfortunately, no. There is no such thing as 100% up-time in this market. We are after all dealing with hardware that can and will go bad. We are also dealing with humans. Humans make mistakes. We make mistakes. There is no getting around that.

Google can't do it. Nor can we. Instead, we make sure we don't buy cheap. There is a saying, you get what you pay for. We believe it.

Our bandwidth is premium - we measure our network up-time in months, not days.
Our servers from Sun/Oracle are premium - costing an average $7K a piece.
Our people are premium - engineers and developers just like you, with good experience on hardware we depend on.


Nodes? Clouds?

We've taken our regular Solaris VPS servers and turned them into "Cloud" servers.

When you purchase a server, you are not purchasing a single server. You are purchasing resources in the form of RAM and Bandwidth. You then have the powerful option of using these resources to build out as many individual servers (or nodes) as needed.

Cool, right?

FREE disk space?

Yes. One of our differentiators is that we can offer disk space for free, for general incremental use. Just let us know when you are running low.

Remember, our disks are SAS based. We get the performance and reliability we want but the disk space isn't infinite. However, because of ZFS and our superior OS, we offer free disk space.

The point is, you shouldn't have to worry about disk space issues because you want to keep log files from the past 5 years or you have a large versioning system that can take up 50gb over the next two years. We'll be happy to give you as much as you need for all of that - for all of our plans.

Multimedia storage and large online backups (e.g. dumping your laptop's OS image onto our servers for backup) excluded from this offer unless approved.

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