Passionate and Professional

One part geek. One part entrepreneur. One part over-achiever. You end up with a passionate team who want to provide the best possible service to our customers. This could be in the form of innovative technologies or just great customer service.

We are a start up, we went through our ups and downs. We know how tough spending hard earned money can be, so when you spend it on us, we know that we have to set the bar high. We know we have to bring value to you. We know that we have to make your world simpler.

That is our goal and mission.

On the Cloud

The concept of the Cloud isn't new. It is a computer attached to a network, a large public network in this case. What is different now from before is the fact that people are willing to entrust their personal information to the public Internet Cloud. This is bigger than IPv6 and bigger than the Apple iPhone.

This fundamental change is why we will continue to invest On the Cloud, to provide a secure and reliable service to our customers. That's where the opportunity is and that's what we are betting on.


Just like any good business, we're always open to new ideas to help spread our story. We're always looking to do things better. We're have lot's of ideas and not enough resources. We want to hear from you if you believe you can help us with this task.

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Real and authentic. Yes, our name stems from this word.