Premium Internap Network

Having a great network is core to our business. If the network fails, our whole business is down. Network failures hurts us where it hurts most, our bottom line. This is why we aren't skimpy when it comes to investing in a good network. This is why we use "pure" Internap.

What exactly do we mean by "pure" Internap? Well, to put it simply, we have direct connection to Internap. No middle man, no re-sellers, and no BGP bandwidth mixes where some traffic goes out Internap and some goes out another cheaper provider. All of our traffic goes through Internap, with multiple Tier 1 connections to the Internet backbone.

Server Room

Our main data center is located within the CoreSite's Market Post Tower. Located in downtown San Jose, CA, it is considered the Bay Area's most connected building. Often referred to as the "Gold Building" due to its golden glass reflection, Market Post Tower has emerged as one of the premier peering locations in the Western United States. It is also SAS 70 certified.

Emerging Markets

The biggest emerging markets are in Asia. Our network and our geographical location brings us closest to the Asian market. This means lowest latencies with the reliability of a great US infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost.

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